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Your website should give a great first impression.

While your customers can get a lot of information from an optimized Google My Business listing, a Facebook page or a Yelp profile, a your website serves as your built-with-love digital storefront. You can make it exactly what you want it to be, and you can easily and efficiently guide people to the things they need. A great website gives a level of legitimacy and intentionality to a business, especially to customers who don’t know you. And for your existing customers, it provides more ways for them to get involved with you or share your business. And in 2020, it’s absolutely essential to have one. And if you’re going to have one, it might as well be good!

I design, build, strategize and optimize websites for small- and medium-sized businesses who take pride in serving their customers well. Many designers stick to the visual side of things, but my approach blends design, writing and user experience (UX) to give your customer/client an enjoyable and easy experience connecting with your business.

My Website Design Philosophy

  • Your website should be a tool that works for you. Yes, it takes time (time, effort, money) up front to make that happen, but once you have a good foundation built, it should be a strong business driver.
  • All websites should be easy to use and beautiful. Without both of these traits, your website user’s experience falls flat. Your website needs to be easy for you to use too, so I choose a platform based on each client’s individual needs.
  • Modern, fully mobile-responsive, top-rated themes and page builders are a must when designing a website. This ensures everyone who lands on your site can quickly (and happily) get what they need.
  • Technology is always changing. A great website is an ongoing project, but a good website designer should guide you through the process so you don’t have to spend hours reading blog posts and wondering if you’re doing the right things.

Web Design Services & Pricing

WordPress Website Design

WordPress is seen as the gold standard in website design, but it’s not necessarily a fit for everyone. If it’s the right fit for you, it’s a solution that can be customized to match whatever dreams you have. Prices start at $1,100 for a site built from scratch or $1,500 for a redesign/content move. Each project is individually quoted & scoped based on your specific needs.

Squarespace Website Design

SquareSpace has become a very reputable and user-friendly website platform. Unlike WordPress, Squarespace manages security, site speed, etc. and keeps things a bit more simple for you. Robust page builders and beautiful designs make this a great platform. Prices start at $800 for a site built from scratch or $1,200 for a redesign/content move. Each project is individually quoted & scoped based on your specific needs.

Website Design on Other Platforms

I’ve worked on sites in Wix, ShowIt and Shopify. I’m open to these platforms and others, but pricing will vary depending on what you’re looking for and my knowledge of the platform.

Content/Site Map Reorganization

Love your website’s current look and feel but think it needs better organization? A content/site map reorganization ensures your website visitor’s experience on your site is seamless. Focus is on menu navigation, page flow, calls to action and Google Analytics. Prices start at $500 and vary widely based on site size/project scope.

NOTE: Prices & projects don’t include fees for domain name purchases, hosting, security, ADA policies or other website needs. But if you have questions on these topics, we can figure out a solution — let’s chat!

Website Consulting

Just need a helping hand? A trusted guide? I do that too. If you have some WordPress experience or are working with a website builder like SquareSpace, this can be a great fit to save money and take a more DIY approach. Hourly consulting prices vary, contact me for specifics. If you’re located in Mono County, Inyo County or Kern County, I offer website consulting for free!

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