Social Media Management

After taking many different approaches to social media management, I’m now offering a formula that I find works well for small businesses while keeping costs and time low for the client. While there are many lofty promises from social media management companies, my approach is organic and focused on serving your followers. Growth is usually very slow and very authentic, but having a professional social media feed can have many benefits beyond just increasing your follower count.

The Key Ingredients

  1. A mini marketing plan that guides us in creating content (we’ll create this together)
  2. Captions and images that work together to tell a story (good current images must be provided by the client)
  3. Platform-specific tags and hashtags
  4. 2-3 posts per week, same content across platforms for the first 3-4 months
  5. Content that is focused on serving followers
  6. Realistic expectations and goals
  7. Social media being part of a bigger marketing picture

How It Works

Before we start posting, we’ll create a mini marketing plan. This one-time setup charge of $200 covers developing a short document that defines and outlines brand voice, target market and content categories — a necessary first step to make sure any marketing is as effective as it can be.

I plan two weeks to a month of posts at a time — this helps keeps my time and your cost low. It also allows me to get approval from you all at once rather than one by one. I draft posts in various content categories using photos you provide. I use a program called Airtable that makes it easy for you to edit and approve posts. Once you’ve edited/approved all the posts, I’ll add tags and hashtags and schedule posts on all platforms (Facebook, Instagram and Google My Business).


Posts every other day (15 per month): $750/month

Posts twice a week (8 per month): $450/month

Includes copywriting, image sourcing, hashtag research and scheduling. Additional ad hoc posts can be added at $30 each. A basic report will be delivered monthly. Account access is needed. No engagement included but can be added for an additional cost.