Website Design

Your website is your first impression.

The average website visitor forms an opinion about your site in about 50 milliseconds. Showing them that they’re in the right place right off the bat is essential.

Your business deserves a beautiful website.

I believe all websites should be easy to use and beautiful. Without both of these traits, your website user’s experience falls flat. All websites I design use modern, fully mobile-responsive, top-rated themes and builders to ensure that everyone who lands on your site can quickly (and happily) get what they need. I follow the always-changing best practices for website UX to make sure your site meets your website visitor right where they are. I build websites on WordPress, Squarespace and Shopify.

With good design, good content is a must.

Most website designers stick to the visual side of things. I’m drawn to website design as a way to connect two things I love: creating and writing. A beautiful website with bad content can only take you so far. At best, your website visitor will be frustrated. At worst, they’ll go somewhere else for what they need. I’m a writer first and foremost, so working with clients on the written content of their new website is a part of the process I believe can’t be left out. I write with attention to SEO and readability best practices so that your readers, clients and visitors can connect with you effectively.

And it has to work for you.

I always choose a website builder based on your needs and how involved you’d like to be in the site once it’s built. I can hand it off to you fully or we can work together on a monthly basis to keep it up to date.

Website Design & Redesign Services

  • Fully done-for-you website design (from scratch or from an existing website)
  • Paid consulting to guide you through the process yourself
  • Free consulting to guide you through the process yourself (Mono County businesses only)

I prefer to price my work on a project basis rather than an hourly basis. It’s easier for everyone when we have clear goals, a clear time frame and clear deliverables. Website builds start at $1,500 but vary greatly depending on the project scope. Contact me to discuss project rates, or schedule a meeting to get started.

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