Content & SEO Strategy for Websites

Improving your website content and SEO strategy can grow your business.

An outdated or dysfunctional website can turn potential customers and clients away. A beautiful, thoughtfully-designed website can connect with people and turn them into supporters. You’ll want to consider a website re-design or refresh every three years or so, but taking a close look at your website on an annual or semi-annual basis can enable you to make small tweaks to your site that will make a big difference.

A website audit guides you in what to do first.

Don’t waste your time trying to figure out what you should be doing with your website to make it work better. I do website audits for small- and medium-sized businesses that look into all aspects of your website’s performance. With each audit, I deliver a set of recommendations and an implementation plan. If you’d like to keep a narrower focus, we can discuss an SEO audit or content audit.

The better your business functions online, the more time you’ll have on your hands.

Redesigning your website (or spending money on improving your SEO) might not feel necessary if things are working pretty well. But keep in mind that the better experience you can give your website visitor, the less of a headache you’ll have answering questions, sending emails, and selling what you’re offering. A website audit and update are an investment of time and money, but they often pay off pretty quickly. SEO and website content strategy focuses on the long game, but most businesses get positive feedback within 6-12 months.

Content & SEO Strategy Services

  • Full website audits
  • Content-only audits
  • SEO-only audits
  • Site-wide SEO overhaul
  • Digital marketing plan audit, revision, or creation
  • Consulting on SEO best practices, keyword research, ideal client avatars, brand voice, product offerings, etc.

I typically price my work on a project basis rather than an hourly basis, but it depends on the scope of the project. Contact me to discuss project rates, or schedule a meeting to get started.