Step one: get to know the people you want to talk to.


The most important part of effective marketing is knowing your audience. As a business owner, I bet you have a good sense of who your customers are and what kind of people you’d like to reach.

Good market research makes sure that you’re barking up the right tree — it reduces effort on your part and contributes to a more effective marketing strategy.

A full marketing audit is essential to make sure your resources (time and money) are being used in the best ways. From a marketing audit, a comprehensive marketing plan can be developed. This road map will make marketing for you, your team or your contractors work more seamlessly and more effectively.

Market Research & Audit Services

  • Website audits
  • Email marketing audits
  • Social media audits
  • Comprehensive marketing program audits
  • Audience & prospective audience research
  • Marketing plan creation


I prefer to price my work on a project basis rather than an hourly basis. It’s easier for everyone when we have clear goals, a clear time frame and clear deliverables. Contact me to discuss project rates, or schedule a meeting to get started.

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